affine tuning

What is this exactly?

Affine Tuning is an iPhone app that contains a collection of dynamic music which react to the player's body movements. Each of those compositions responds in its own way to the player, who becomes a "full body conductor".

Is it only for dancers?

No. Interpreting sound with movement is creative expression, no matter if someone thinks of themselves as a dancer or not. As a mobile app, Affine Tuning can be used where ever one feels comfortable to express themselves.

What do I need?

Not much: some curiosity and a bit of space (at least 3 × 2 m/10 × 7 ft). Ideally, you use wireless speakers or headphones/earbuds. This video demonstrates the easy setup process:

How does this work?

Affine Tuning uses an iPhone feature called "Motion Capture". This was developed by Apple and is basically a very sophisticated algorithm which can make good estimations of the posture and position of a person in front of the camera. This data is used to alter the interpretation of the compositions.

How private is it?

Very. The image analysis happens entirely on the phone; the camera image and the pose data are never sent anywhere. Instead, they are discarded a few moments after capture. There is also no user signup or anything similar to identify you, and the app does not collect any other data.

Who is behind this?

Affine Tuning was created by media artist Marc-André Weibezahn.